News>Basketball star Jeremy Lin has obtained Taiwan passport


Taiwanese-American basketball star Jeremy Lin (林書豪) has obtained a Taiwanese passport, making him eligible to join the national team, reports said Wednesday (Aug. 19).

Lin, born in the United States to Taiwanese-American parents, was the focus of the “Linsanity” phenomenon in 2011-2012 when he became the first American of Taiwanese descent to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The news of his new passport was broken by Taipei City Councillor Chung Hsiao-ping (鍾小平), who said he accompanied Lin’s father and his agent to the Ministry of Interior to help out with formalities, CNA reported. The independent politician also showed the new ID document to the media.

The former player for the New York Knicks has been playing with the Beijing Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) since last year.










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